Friday, 25 May 2012

Cikaso Waterfalls

With high speed travel (around 3 hours from Sawarna), we arrived at 4.30PM at Cikaso waterfalls (Surade area) and thanks God we still have time to explore this area. The way to reach this waterfalls is different, we need to use small boat through the river then turn into the smaller river where the brown and green water met and leads to the waterfalls. We took 2 boats (Rp@80K)
As arrived in the waterfalls area, we welcomed by rumble voice from the waterfalls. The waterfalls itself has three part and height around 80 meters with beautiful green ponds. Its truly amazing!.

Cikaso Waterfalls
Dont want to wasting the time, we just go straight to looking a good point to take a picture. We walked through the river where the view is wide and stand on the big rocks in the left side, it was slippery to reach there but our guide helped us to got there. Its quite challenging to take a picture over there as we need to clean up the lens filter many times from water splash. I feel lot of energy there. We having a very good time there, enjoying amazing environment :)

Angel's pond
Cikaso Waterfalls
Times running out, we need to get out before dark (its around 5.30PM). Its totally not enough to enjoy the best waterfall I've ever visit. I dont even explore the other side and playing water. but just for information the pond deep is around 35 meters and very dangerous in some areas.
In our way back to the dock, I found there are many local people selling drink and food but as usual the cleanness dont have good attention. I also heard from our guide, there are some foreigners interest to buy this place, and its really a big fool and unforgiven if its happened.
I thing that I like from this travel are when we stayed at warung near the river. Take a hot coffee, indomie and play gaplek after clean up the body with fresh water made me realize that happiness comes on simply way.
I marked this place as a place to visit again soon. I have a video in my camera about this waterfalls but the file is too big to upload, to lazy to install a software to reduce the size.
Its a hilarious trip with my friends. Thanks to Wandi, om Dedy, Anwar, Esa,  Shinta, Bachrim, Borneo, Myra, Tami and Nungki.

Sawarna 3 - Karang Taraje

After a couples of months vacuum from traveling, a weeks ago I came back to the Sawarna village with ten friends, my previous destination in last year. The reason is easy, we want to re-explore some place on this beautiful area.
Due to some delay, we cannot get the sunset at Batu Berlayar beach, so we spent the night with dinner and continue with playing card on small cottage in the middle of rice field. The cottages around this village almost full as it was a long weekend. Fortunately I've contact here so I can reserved the room before we arrive.
In the very early morning, we went to the someplace where the sun rise with ojek (motor taxi), the way to this place was very difficult, need extra driving skill to ride motorcycle in rocky, narrow and uphill road. Include guiding us from 5-10 AM, I think Rp120K is reasonable.
On the first beach, I founded the cloudy sky so I just took some pics of my friends there. Next destination was Lagoon Pari, its small bay where the water are light green and shallow beach, we took some times here enjoying the beach and breakfast from cottage. Not far from this beach we went to other beach called Karang Taraje beach. Karang Taraje (west Jawa language) mean rock stair. Its look like some big coral rock fortify the beach, and this time the sea water was high, so we can saw the water drop down from the rock gaps.

Rock stair
Karang Taraje

Around 10PM, we visit Batu Berlayar. There are many tourists there, some peoples take the picture and some playing on the beach. We just took some coffee and look around there, then back to the cottage to wash and lunch. Our next destination is Cikaso waterfalls.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Jatilihur 4 - With my Family

This time all changes. I went to Jatiluhur with my family. The nearest panoroma view from Jakarta that we used to visit, which accidentally its my wife homeland.

My family
Not many pictures I took this time, I dont even put my tripod and filter there. But the pictures are very precious to me. Its my family's smile :)


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