Monday, 28 February 2011

Taman Safari - The Birds of Prey Show

There are many show on this park, one of them is birds of prey show. The show is where the birds came fly to their trainer. I changed my camera setting to continuously shot, AI Servo mode and keep shooting as many times when the birds flew. It remind me to play Counter Strike, keep focus point on target and fire at will :)
This is my first time that I need to take pictures continuously, and I fell that my 550D with 3.7 shot/sec is enough. I can captured more than 12 pictures continuously without any shutter lag.

Eagle Owl

Eagle Owl

Masked Owl

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle

As overall, I am happy to see all the animals in this park, they look healthy and well maintained, and.. I really amazed with EF 200mm f/2.8 L II lens with its fast responds, high quality image and wonderful bokeh. But unfortunately this lens is an old product and not produced anymore. The similar type that available now EF 70-200mm f/2.0 L USM. Great thanks for Wandi to lended me his lens and advise.

Taman Safari - The Big Cats

All of them is still a cub (under 2 years) and after they getting big, they will be released to the park. Visitor can take a picture with these predators.



White Tiger
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Taman Safari - The Birds

Grey Crowned Crane




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Taman Safari

On the Sunday cloudy morning, we headed to Taman Safari, a conservation park located on Cisarua Bogor. Its very near, only took 1 hour from my home, but only Anwar stayed focus behind the steer, when Wandi and me fall asleep.
When preparing my gear, Wandi was offered me to try his EF 200mm f/2.8 L II lens, so then I can capture the object more closer. During my exploration on Taman Safari I only used this lens and here the results.

Deer Cub
The following elephant is the biggest one I think, He walked between the cars, eat the carrots from visitors and gave the money from visitors to his rider.

I cannot capture all its body, but I believe everybody know what it is.


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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Deep Of Field (DoF)

Deep of Field (DoF) adalah jarak (range) antara titik terjauh dan titik terdekat yang dapat diterima oleh lensa. Diterima oleh lensa maksudnya dimana object terlihat jelas (focus) diantara titik-titik tersebut, diluar range tersebut gambar akan terlihat blur.

DoF sangat berkaitan dengan Aparture/Diafragma, apabila kita menggunakan Av yang besar, misal 1/2.8 atau 1/4 maka DoF yang didapat kecil, oleh karena itu object yang fokus (berada dalam range DoF) pada gambar terlihat jelas/fokus sedangkan diluar object terlihat blur atau disebut juga bokeh.

Menentukan besar kecilnya DoF tergantung dari gambar yang kita inginkan, misal kita ingin memfokuskan sebuah object burung sedang background nya blur
1/1250 sec at f/2.8 with ISO 1600

Sedangkan apabila kita ingin mengambil gambar landscape/seascape dimana setiap bagian gambarnya detil dan focus, kita perlu menggunakan aperture/diafragma yang kecil seperti 1/20 untuk mendapat Deep of Field yang besar.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


At the end, the trip to Pangandaran that we plan long time ago become a real. 12 friends was join this trip and most of us are looking for photography. But this time is more relax trip, travel with nice bus, delicious meal and comfort resort to stay. So we just need to sit and follow the show :)
Started at 20 PM from Merdeka Barat, we have a nasi kotak for dinner on the bus while looking at traffic jam. Not many activity here, just chit-chat and most of us fall a sleep until at last we arrived on east side of Pangandaran beach. The sun was rises about 30 mins from our arrival, so we have enough time the prepare our gear and start to captures the moment

Sunrise at Pangandaran
Finish with sunrise, we continue to Puri Indah Beach Hotel to prepare ourselves before next destination. After take a shower with warm water, 1 hour sleep and breakfast, our next destination is Green Canyon or Cukang Taneuh. The location is near to our hotel, about 30 mins by bus. Start from hotel, we were guided by local guide name pak Momo. On the way to GC, he shared us about the culture, local attraction, some beaches, and also he told us the story when he run away with his bicycle from tsunami in 2006. The tsunami in Pangandaran contain with 3 major waves that reach 6 meters high and strike hundreds meters from the coast. Around 60 peoples died and hundreds of building destroyed.

End point of boat at Green Canyon
After arrived in Green Canyon, we found the water is brown due to rain in the mountain, so its look like brown canyon than green canyon :D. From the Green Canyon gate, we continue the trip using a boat, need 3 boats to pick up all of us from the gate to end point. From the end point, we have to swim against the water flow to explore the beauty of this river. Many beautiful spot on this river, specially the the rocks across our exploration. Some of them are formed by water or called as stalagtit and stalagmit.

Pemandian Putri

Stream Water
The longest point we reached is Pemandian Putri, its a small ponds with cold water in coral slop. We need to climb up to get in there, but its worthed as the view is beautiful from there. For me, its a excellent outdoor activity and good for refreshing from my daily boring activity. I tried to take some picture on this river, but need to be very careful with our camera as the water was spatter everywhere. Thanks for mbak Vipia and Ade who bring the dry-bag so we all can bring our camera into this river :)
In our way back to the boat, I tried a free jumping from the rock to the river, its about 7 meters high. Its a great experience but to be honest, I was lil bit nervous when climbing the slippery rock. Happy and tired, we ended the day with delicious seafood at RM Karya Bahari for dinner then take a rest.

Green Canyon View
In the second day, we started the trip at 9 AM to Cagar Alam. This nature reserve is tropical forest and the place where the monkeys lives. The monkeys are very aggressive, they dare to rob the food and drink we bring, so the visitors need to be careful. Like what happened on us, a monkey robbed the pocari-sweet from mbak Vipia bag and drink it on to the tree. Hmmph.., naughty monkey but its good taste for a monkey.

Monkey Business


At the edge of this natural forest, there is a beautiful beach with the green blue water and white sand. The air is very clear and hot at that time, and some local people tried to offer they services to browse some beautiful area with their boat. I saw some interesting destination on their pamflet, but unfortunately its not part in our trip package due to limited time. I hope I can explore this area next time.

Beach at natural reserve
After enjoy the beach, we walked to the other part on natural reserve to explore the sacred cave. This cave is a place where some people concentrate and learn to get some inner strength in the past, but as the time passes this place become the place to create some horror films.

Sacred Cave/Parat
In the cave, there is an unique stalagtit which like genital of man and woman. Its natural, not a man made. I'm not sure what the meaning of this sign, but local people said if you want get a mate easy, you can touch/hug it :D
Just after we talked about the genital thing, we found hedgehog/landak family crossing our way, they look funny but I didn't thought they are big enough.

Stalagtit or whatever you say

Hedgehog/Landak Family

After exit in other side of cave, this is the time go back to hotel, having lunch  and check out at 2PM. In our way to Jakarta, we visited at Nagrek to buy some traditional food and capture the sunset.

Sunset at Nagrek
What a great weekend!. Thanks to mbak Vipia who initiate this trip, pak Susilo, mas Adnan, Ade, Eva, Chilvia, Ocha, Rivie, Rina, Desy and om Aan, mbak Maria and mas Agung from Lintas Wisata who managed this trip very well,. Hope we have another fun trip soon :)


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