Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tanjung Lesung 3

After cancelling our plan travel to Pangandaran due to limited time, we reroute our destination to our favorite exotic beach at Tanjung Lesung. Started at 7PM from Jakarta, we arrived and looking for rest at Tanjung Lesung resort at 12PM.
This my third trip actually, and one of my friend has been there fir the ninth time. Some reason why we visit this beach several times are because this beach is close from Jakarta, clean, not many human touchable specially in our secret theatre, and always gives us new natural scene along the beach path which is very good for my photography practice.
When we woke up at 5AM, again we found the sky cloudy and rainy, but it didn't broke our spirit to explore. This time we explored the beach around the resort.

Sail beach, Tanjung Lesung resort

First spot is the sail beach which located on small creek, the green sea with small ripple on it. I tried to focus on the sunrise and waiting its appear with camera on and attached on my new Manfrotto tripod, but in fact I cannot see it at all, only it flame shining between the dark stratus loud.

Wood dock at Sail Beach

Explore another side of Sail beach, we founded the wood dock and  the path goes to resort cluster. The air is really fresh, very quite, clean and its a good place for family vacation. This resort has more than 50 cottages on its area, and the price is vary.

Sembrono Team

After finish with Sail boat area, we back to our cottage and got breakfast on 9AM. Chit-chat and clean up our gear, we prepare ourselves then checkout from the cottage and continue to theatre 1 :)

Theatre 1
Colour of Tanjung Lesung

Different with sail boat, the waves is big enough in theatre 1 and also rain. We need to clean up our filter from water maany times to get a clean pictures. That's why I didn't take many pictures on it and more to enjoy the surroundings. Hmm..., I start to think to have a land on this area someday :)

Coughing Krakatau
Before we went out this area, we saw the smoke suddenly coming from mount Krakatau which recently active. Krakatau is one active volcanos across Indonesia and known as 'Ring of Fire'.

View Tanjung Lesung - Anyer in a larger map

In our way to go home, we tried to used another path via Anyer, many resort and traditional restaurant across the coast, but unfortunatelly cannot found many interesting spot on this area.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Its important to have a map during exploration trip. We can also see the map from our Iphone, Blackberry or GPS tools. But during the trip its a lot easier to have a map in hands for better view and discussion.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Clouds type

For landscape or seascape view, clouds is always took the protagonist part in our pictures. Looking the clouds is like looking a masterpiece that always changing in the vast sky.
To understand better about clouds, I tried to simple sum up about the kind of clouds. As summary, the clouds are divided by three major clouds, which are cumulus, cirrus and stratus. In fact, mostly we see the variation of them. Not only the beauty, clouds can give a clue how the weather might changes in the hours or a days.

Cirrus Clouds
Cirrus clouds are the highest clouds. They usually mean fair weather. They look white and feathery.

Cumulus Clouds
Cumulus clouds are puffy. They have flat bottoms and are low in the sky. Cumulus clouds usually signal of fair weather. If they grow tall, it called cumulonimbus and can become lightning and bring heavy rain.

Stratus Clouds
Stratus clouds are the low clouds and cover most of the sky. If you see them in thin high layers that turn the sky solid white, they're cirrostratus. Stratus clouds bring rainbow, rain or snow.

And here is the interesting link about the clouds


Jakarta Kota Station - Beos

Jakarta Kota Station (Indonesian: Stasiun Jakarta Kota) is a terminal train station, located in the old city core of Jakarta. The station was appointed as a historical and cultural landmark in 1993.
The station was first named as the Batavia Zuid (or South Batavia), the name of which was used until the end of the 19th century. The station was also popularly known as the BEOS station as an abbreviation from the Bataviasche Ooster Spoorweg Maatschapij or the Batavian Eastern Railway Company. (source:

I tried to find the survivel from the story above, beside the famous dome I founded the interesting old clock standing at the center of station. Amazing it still work!

Old Clock

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Concrete City

I took this shot when I was stopped by traffic light in a crossroad. Like the contrast between the car and the background. If you live in west Jakarta, you should know where is it :D
Concrete City

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Merah Putih at GBK


My friend Ade

My friend Aan

Haikal among the crowded

Our flag

These photos is dedicated for revival of National Football. The proud and spirit never like this before since we elegantly reached AFF Final in Jakarta. Go TIMNAS!


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