Monday, 10 January 2011

Clouds type

For landscape or seascape view, clouds is always took the protagonist part in our pictures. Looking the clouds is like looking a masterpiece that always changing in the vast sky.
To understand better about clouds, I tried to simple sum up about the kind of clouds. As summary, the clouds are divided by three major clouds, which are cumulus, cirrus and stratus. In fact, mostly we see the variation of them. Not only the beauty, clouds can give a clue how the weather might changes in the hours or a days.

Cirrus Clouds
Cirrus clouds are the highest clouds. They usually mean fair weather. They look white and feathery.

Cumulus Clouds
Cumulus clouds are puffy. They have flat bottoms and are low in the sky. Cumulus clouds usually signal of fair weather. If they grow tall, it called cumulonimbus and can become lightning and bring heavy rain.

Stratus Clouds
Stratus clouds are the low clouds and cover most of the sky. If you see them in thin high layers that turn the sky solid white, they're cirrostratus. Stratus clouds bring rainbow, rain or snow.

And here is the interesting link about the clouds


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