Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tanjung Lesung 3

After cancelling our plan travel to Pangandaran due to limited time, we reroute our destination to our favorite exotic beach at Tanjung Lesung. Started at 7PM from Jakarta, we arrived and looking for rest at Tanjung Lesung resort at 12PM.
This my third trip actually, and one of my friend has been there fir the ninth time. Some reason why we visit this beach several times are because this beach is close from Jakarta, clean, not many human touchable specially in our secret theatre, and always gives us new natural scene along the beach path which is very good for my photography practice.
When we woke up at 5AM, again we found the sky cloudy and rainy, but it didn't broke our spirit to explore. This time we explored the beach around the resort.

Sail beach, Tanjung Lesung resort

First spot is the sail beach which located on small creek, the green sea with small ripple on it. I tried to focus on the sunrise and waiting its appear with camera on and attached on my new Manfrotto tripod, but in fact I cannot see it at all, only it flame shining between the dark stratus loud.

Wood dock at Sail Beach

Explore another side of Sail beach, we founded the wood dock and  the path goes to resort cluster. The air is really fresh, very quite, clean and its a good place for family vacation. This resort has more than 50 cottages on its area, and the price is vary.

Sembrono Team

After finish with Sail boat area, we back to our cottage and got breakfast on 9AM. Chit-chat and clean up our gear, we prepare ourselves then checkout from the cottage and continue to theatre 1 :)

Theatre 1
Colour of Tanjung Lesung

Different with sail boat, the waves is big enough in theatre 1 and also rain. We need to clean up our filter from water maany times to get a clean pictures. That's why I didn't take many pictures on it and more to enjoy the surroundings. Hmm..., I start to think to have a land on this area someday :)

Coughing Krakatau
Before we went out this area, we saw the smoke suddenly coming from mount Krakatau which recently active. Krakatau is one active volcanos across Indonesia and known as 'Ring of Fire'.

View Tanjung Lesung - Anyer in a larger map

In our way to go home, we tried to used another path via Anyer, many resort and traditional restaurant across the coast, but unfortunatelly cannot found many interesting spot on this area.

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