Wednesday, 28 December 2011


In our way discovered the south beach, we founded many amazing view. Here are one that catch our attention.

Somewhere in Malimping

Sawarna - Malimping route

View Sawarna - Bayah - Malingping in a larger map

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sawarna 2

Ah.., at the end we can re-explore this beautiful beach. Still I remember when we visit it with a bigger gang :)
As arrived at Sawarna village, we took ojek to the beach. Kelayar beach with two high coral become primary attratcion. But its still around 4PM at that day, so we took some times to explore across the path belong to sea.

miss u
Good afternoon
As my view, the combination of light and clouds was nice. I tried some spots to get a better combination of rock and wave and add the contrast object to give more impression.

Hard and beatiful
As I saw the main business of local people there are to serve the tourist/photographer to explore this surrounding are. There are some small clean motel, we took the new one (next to bridge) near the main street to capture the sunrise on the next day. The motel has a very good service, we got 3 meals per day with delicious fresh fish and sambal as main menu, the bed and bath room is good, and also have nice welcomed by the motel owner.

The dark has come
Sunset at Batu Klayar

When the dark comes

Unlike our first visit which explore the east side to Ujung Genteng, this time.., after heard the story from local people at Sawarna we go ahead to the west, as they said that there are some nice beaches in Malimping.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Echo Beach - Bali

The last day in Bali, we planned to go to Cangu beach. But because the way to get there was stuck as there are traditional event, we reroute our way to the closest beach, its an Echo beach.

Lost Orientation
Echo Beach
There is a shelter near the beach that selling food and drink, but not much people I saw at that time. The wave is quite big and its suitable for surfing. Wandi suggest me to use his 10-stop filter to get better form of clouds. Its very interesting that I used 30sec for f/22 with ISO 100 in the very bright day.

Echo Beach
Echo Beach
Now its time to end our trip in Bali. We need to hurry to check out and rush to the hotel.

Tanah Lot - Bali

After Jatiluwih, we visited one of the famous place in Bali, Tanah Lot.

Sunset at Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot

Jatiluwih - Bali

The desire to watch the best view of paddy terrace was lead us to put Jatiluwih in our agenda. No one of us know where is it, just depend on Darman's GPS. I think this tool is very helpful on our next explorations, make me thinking to buy one :)
The way to reach this area is awesome, we crossed the dense forest and hill until on this spot we can saw the following view.

Land of terasering
Jatiluwih is a village located in Tabanan, its about 3 hours from Kuta. The unique of this village is a paddy terrace that compound in the hills, its very neat and beautiful. The air around this village is cool because its located in hill. That's why this village is also favourite place for tourism.
I tried to captures many good pictures as I can, trying some composition and spots. But what I watched on that time is totally better that I can get or any other pictures in flickr. Yes, I think because its too beautiful to captured it. You have to go there to fell the real athmosphere.

Just you and me
On this area, we can explore it as much as we want, at least there are no disallow sign :D I'm not too sure about the relation between this paddy field, which is owned and managed by the farmers, and as tourism spot. But I hope that there are symbiosis mutuality between them, and the farmers are not disturb by tourist existence. Because its kinda funny if what the local people make in Jatiluwih was not for tourism. It just the way they farm :)

Jatiluwih restaurant

After tired exploring the paddy field, now we turn back to the small restaurant to get lunch continue with hot coffee and smoke. Wish I can stay here much longer.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Batur Lake - Bali

Still in Kintamani area, our next destination was Batur lake which is still on this area.We crossed down the area which surrounded forest and mountain, where there are some nice hotels and villages in our way. This area is really serene and artistic. I'm very amaze with Balinese where the art, religion and culture is really seen as part of their daily live. There are so many artistic art things like pure (building for pray), gates and houses in our way, but we didnt have much time explore all of them.
In our way to Batur, there are some spots where some of them is facilitated for tourism, but we could'nt stop, its like there was a 'call to us to follow the road until its end.. Its quite stunning when kept moving in this small road, its up and down with stone on the right and cliff on the left. Its not covered by our GPS until at the end of this road, we found a Trunyan village. Some local people was gardening and fishing, they are friendly but sometimes I didnt understand what they talking about. They have chilly and cabbage on their garden grown at the edge of lake.

Batur Lake with Kintamani mountain
The view is very wide and open, I felt closer to the sun and clouds, and there are sun flair between the clouds when the sun still high. Serenity, this what we felt.
Picture above was merge from 3 pictures. After took some pics, we just sit together enjoy the beauty of panorama, with coffee and smoke, waiting the sunset.

Trunyan Valley
Trunyan Village
Its small mysterious village, not many people lives in Trunyan village. Trunyan people do not cremate or bury the dead body, but they lay down the body around the village. We didnt visit the dead body, its only hundreds meters actually, but we was too busy with the view. People said there is no stench as they use Kemenyan tree as the parfume of the dead body.

Sunset at Batur
Sunset at Batur
It almost dark when we went out Trunyan, not many people outside and we have to go back to Kuta. I wish I can go back to Kintamani again, I believe this area still keep many amazing thing to explore. I'm not too satisfy about what I captured on this exploration, but exploring this amazing area without any plan so far with my friends will not be forgotten.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Kintamani Mountain- Bali

After took a quick rest at hotel, we prepared to start our 2 days trip. Its only 5 of us (Wandi, Aceng, Darman, Herdiman and me) stayed in Bali while the other back to Jakarta. We started to go to mini market first to equip our travel with water, soft drink, coffee, chocolates, ice cream, gums, snacks, seems like preventing to not lack of snacks on our exploration. I felt amazing atmosphere that day.., yeahh its just like a rare moment that I have good time with my friends in the very famous island in the world!.
Its like an up and down to reach Kintamani area in my sleep, I woke up when we almost entering this area, its only about 2,5 hours from Kuta with car. A wonderful wide view welcome us on the gate area. Its like a huge caldera where the big mountain and blue lake side by side on it. Its totally a a great view.

Great wide view of kintamani
Great wide view of Kintamani
Its around 1PM when we arrived there, we went along the road for sightseeing and got lunch in a nice restaurant. The food is average but the view from restaurant's balcony was very beautiful. I take some pictures horizontally and merge it.

Kintamani is an active volcano (1.717m above the sea), and beside it, thereis a beautiful lake name Batur. The area is surrounded by captivating natural and some villages, and also there is unique species of dog from Kintamani. We took some times here to enjoy the view before going to explore Batur lake.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Sanur Beach - Bali

Just 3 days after Belitung, Bali is was my next destination, where there are memories of my childhood. Two great places within 1 week, thanks God :)
Its a job trip actually, but we managed the time so after everything done, we complete it with agenda to visit few of many amazing destination in Bali island.

After Sunrise
Sanur Beach

Our first destination was Sanur island, the calm beach between Denpasar and Kuta. Only Wandi, Bahrim and me going, while other still sleep in hotel at Kuta. It still dark when we arrived at Sanur, and also quite windy. Unfortunatelly, we could not get a sunrise since its too cloudy. We took some times there to explore the beach and capture the activity of local people with their traditional boats until we have to go back as the rain getting bigger.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Manggar Town

After sunrise at Tanjung Kelayang, we went back to hotel to check out and continue our trip visiting Mangar city, a town with a thousand coffee shop, thats what people said about Manggar, and yes.., there are many peoples on some coffee shop on the central of Manggar, maybe that is only entertainment on this small city or discuss the business and hobby. I drink the ice coffee with milk, its very nice. Beside its coffee, Belitung is rich with natural resources, like tin and iron.

Small Lake

The our reason to visit the east side of Belitung island was to see the elementary school used in Laskar Pelangi, a film tell about the lives of 10 poor children that attend to study in Muhammadiyah school. Its very interesting movie, thats why some of us insisted to visit the building even it should take 2hours in a very hot day :)
Finish with the old school building. Now its time to go back, we have to hurry to get lunch before go to airport. 

Laskar Pelangi School Building

Thats the end of my Belitung trip. Of course, its not the last one, I will be back someday, to explore more area on this island. It was just small part we visited on 3 days, and I heard from bang Ito that there are some beautiful place in south, some of them are never explore before. Hmm I wish I have time and money to explore it next time.
Thanks to mbak Vipia who arranged this trip, pak Sus, pak Deni, mas Ade, mas Adnan, Ade, Andhi, Eva, pak Wawan, pak Edi, Ariesta, Nirwan, Acang, and bang Ito, our friend in Belitung.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sunrise at Selayar Beach

On the third day, our first trip was to capture the sunrise, it will not be completed if we didnt capture the sunrise after going that far, but the fact was its cloudy in the beginning.

Bird stone before sunrise
Bird stone

On the third day, our first trip was to capture the sunrise, it will not be completed if we didnt capture the sunrise after going that far, but the fact was its cloudy in the beginning.

Sunrise at Selayar

On the third day, our first trip was to capture the sunrise, it will not be completed if we didnt capture the sunrise after going that far, but the fact was its cloudy in the beginning.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Tanjung Kelayang - Belitung

After swimming and snorkling, we continue our trip to the last destination, Tanjung Kelayar island to capture the sunset. Bang Ito has chose this tiny island because the sunset view is very clear and wonderful. Its around 4.30PM when we arrived, so we have enough time to relax and chit chat.

Sunset at Babi Kecil island
Sunset at Tanjung Kelayar

I took the time to clean up my gears and decide the position. Almost all of us, stand in the huge granite waiting for the great show. When the sunset began, there the big cloud covered the sun, but it didnt decreased its beauty. The sun light formed some flair around the clouds.
On this very short moment, I'm very serious, dont wanna waste any minutes of the drama. Think fast about the compo and shoot much, shoot at will. And taraaa.., these the result, I'm not too satisfy but at least I was enjoy the sunset at Belitung :)

Sunrise at Tanjung Kelayang Beach
Sunset at Tanjung Kelayar

This island is side by side with burung island, maybe only around 200 meters, and..., I found many birds this time, yaa its around 6PM, same busy hours like in Jakarta, but unfortunatelly they fled to high, and its too dark to get them. As usual, I'm the last man standing since I keep pushing the combination of aperture, time and ISO to get the maximum view I can get.
Now its time go back to Tanjung Kelayar beach since the its began raining and the sky getting dark. Hmm what amazing day in Belitung :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lengkuwas Island - Belitung

After recharge the energy, we went to the fourth destination, Lengkuwas island, my favorite. Its easy to recognize this island since its has an old lighthouse build by Dutch on 1882. We found about 10 boats docked at the beach bring the tourists. There nobody lives here except the lighthouse guards. We went up to the top of lighthouse. Its quite high to go 19 floors, but you will not be dissapointed as you will founded amazing view up there, its so wonderful to tell and its a very rare chance for me to capture the aerial view.

Coral Beach
View from Lighthouse
In the peak of lighthouse, we go out to the terrace to get an open view. Hmm.., its quite scary standing in small terrace with strong wind up there. I keep leaning on the wall and tie up my tripod to the rail to strengthen my grip.
A moment, I founded my self keep standing enjoy this masterpice.., feel tranquil, amaze and how small I am. I wondering someday, I will bring the people I love next trip, so they can fell what I had been before :)

Lovely Bay
Love Bay
The love bay above is my favourite one, its look like small ponds decorated with coral, white sand, coconut trees and clear water, its so lovely. Its quite hard to capture the vertical view actually, but no worry.., I can bend my Manfrotto tripod to get it.
Its about 30 mins we stay on the peak until we were asked to go down as we need strict on schedule. Arrgh, 1 day to explore these beautiful island is surely not enough. I keep capture many picture as I can until I was the last person down the lighthouse.

Just want to stay one more day
Just want to say one more day
On the ground, I found the other has ready on the boats. We sailed only about 100 meter from the beach.., and its time for snorkling!. Its about 3 meters deep, and we can stand on corals at some spot. I cannot show you the picture since I dont have water-prove camera, but believe me the under water view is very amazing, a variety of fish colourful plants life here:)


Friday, 18 November 2011

Burung Island - Belitung

Next destination is Burung (brid) island which takes only about 20 mins from Batu Berlayar island. An island with some coral range in the beach, and its really amazing. We went through the island and take some pictures.

Burung island beach
There are some unique form that made by the corals on this beach. One of them look like a big pond with the shallow green water. I took some times to enjoy the atmosphere :)

Me and bang Ito
But we didnt stay for much time here, maybe its only about 30 mins, then we have to continue to the next destination as bang Ito said that we need to stick on schedule in order to visit all islands on itinerary. I'm very disappointed as I dont have much time to get the best view and capture it, but just to watch this beautiful beach can make my feel calm :)
I see some birds with various size flying around this island, thats why it called Burung (bird), just remind me with another Burung island in Kepulauan Seribu. As bang Ito explained, this place is the some birds home and transit point, I didnt see the birds as many in Kepulauan seribu island, maybe they still busy in another place. Why the birds like this island?, same like in Kepulauan Seribu, but nobody can explain why the bird choose it. Hmm, I already visited 2 places of bird migration path.., syukurlah its really something.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Babi Kecil Island - Belitung

Same like previous island, this island some combination of stack stone piles. The size look same with Burung island, but I saw there peoples lives in this island. After picking some cold soft drink, we walked to other side of beach where some huge stones piles stacked.

Stack Stone Piles on Babi Kecil Island

After took some pictures, its the time for lunch :) This island not only giving the great view, but also served the good food. Various fresh fish were the main menu for our lunch by local residents, the grilled-fish is my favourite, and also kankung and sambal of course. All look hungry and happy :D


I didnt took much pictures on this island, felt little bit tired after lunch, just sit and relax enjoying the view until  I fell disturbed when I found some garbage around the beach, not too many but its ruin my mood. Bang Ito said that there are some activities happened on this area to clean up the beach by environmentalist and local people, but the garbage still there after months. I cannot figure out why its happen on this amazing area..?, I think its a crime against nature!, sound very bad. I think its not fair if next generation cannot see this beautiful area.
After finish with lunch, some of us clean up the mess and didnt know where to be disposed arrgh. Ok..., first thing to do is to provide the trash can, the serious one, the good one, so its not easily damage and manage it.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Batu Berlayar Island

In the morning around 5AM, we prepared our journey to the series of island in north Belitung. With one car and one minibus, we headed to beach in north and continue with two traditional boats.
My first impression I was so amaze with the colour and clarity of the sea, its green and blue, and after about 15 mins sailed from the Selayar beach, I found for the first time of the huge granite piled on this tiny island. Its more beautiful than I ever had see on movie and tv.

Batu Berlayar Island
Batu Berlayar Island

Talking with bang Ito, he said that there was a bigger island as we can see a boundary on the coral means that the water was on that line. Hmm very interesting fact, I thought that all sea surface has increasment due to mealting polar ice.

Pulau Batu Berlayar

We also founded the starfish around the island, some of us very enthusiast on it. These starfish not move at all, but I fell they alive.


All of us look very happy with the starter, most of us trying to capture the moment and picture of us together. 

Sunset at Tanjung Pendam

At the end, the trip to the one of amazing destination in Indonesia become reality. The next 5 posts recite about our activities around Belitung island. With 13 friends, we started our trip on Friday noon. It takes only 50 mins to Hanandjoedin airport at Tanjung Pandan. From the map, Belitung island location is quite close, its upright of Jakarta.

Mie Belitung

As arrived in Belitung, we welcomed by bang Ito and his friend, very experience local guide that always explain every question with patient and humor. With no wasting time, he picked us up to taste the local cuisine, mie Belitung. Hmm, its yummy and its a very good start before we explore the city and watch the sunset on Tanjung Pendam beach, the most happening location in Tanjung Pandan.

Enjoy the sunset

Not too many people in Tanjung Pendam when we got there, but its look like good place for jalan-jalan sore or hanging with friends and family. Now its the the first time I stand my tripod to capture the moment as well as my friends do.

The beach here are very flat, the point of interest is only the sunset itself. The flair and light is nice, but the clouds was very thick, and again.. its too flat. I walked along the beach trying to find another interesting object until I founded the 2 big tress standing on the sea. Its amazing they can live there as if I'm not mistake its not a mangrove. There is some teory that told about why they can live there.., but for me its because he has friend.

Sunset at Tanjung Kelayang
Sunset at Tanjung Pendam

The sun has gone.., we then gathered to the meeting point and having some chit-chat. Holiday mood are really felt among us. After taking some pics of us, now the time to check-in at hotel, prepare ourself for tomorrow :)

Jatiluhur 3

Just started again to write the blog after I fixed my home PC. Continuing my story from Nini Hill, we visited Jatiluhur to watch the sunset.

Sunset at Jatiluhur

Monday, 26 September 2011

Nini Hill - Pengalengan

Two weeks after Lebaran we went to Nini Hill, but this time with the ideas to capture the sunrise and take the moment where some tress lining between the tea plan. We arrived about 5AM after 3 hours trip from Jakarta.
The temperature is cold when sunrise, but it change to hot at 8AM. When the sun rise, colourful light reflection become my focus of interest. The line of reflection always become my favourites, where some colour combined into the mighty beautiful painting, and one more you can see fog covering some areas.

Sunrise at Bukit Nini
Sunrise at Nini Hill
On the marching trees, I cropped the picture to get focus on the drama. I like the line through the tress that lined up to welcome the sun. Good morning :)

Welcoming the Light
Marching Trees
Since the area is too wide, I took the view part by part horizontally and combined it using Photoshop CS5, and here it is.., my first panorama picture!, its adding my vocabulary in photography..., and sure its a nice way to face the limitation of my 24-105mm :)

Panorama Morning in BukitNini
Panorama Nini Hill
To be honest I'm not too sure where exactly is Nini Hill since I'm not behind the steer. But we no need to worry since Anwar always know where to go and explore the exciting areas :)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Landscape Photography

One of unique technique and setting that I explore since I have SLR camera is slow shutter photography. A technique that usually used for landscape photography. Here are some points that I learned so far from internet, experiences and suggestion from my friends.

Use tripod
For slow shutter photography, tripod is a must. I use Manfrotto. This gear is crucial, it hold your camera and lens, so better use the good one or it can put your cams into danger.

Use CP filter
I use B+W filter. Set this filter first to get the picture reflection you want before set the grad filter.

Use Gradual Filter
I use Singh-Ray reverse filter. Try to put filter median into the horizon of your picture, or you can shift it depend on your wish.

Filter holder
This additional gear used to support gradual filter. If you dont have this, then prepare to hold the grad filter by your hand during the shot and prepare for some un-detailed pictures as a compensation.

Small aperture
Smaller aperture can give you more detail in all area --> bigger DoF and it cover all parts in your pictures
Sample small aperture: f/20

Small ISO
Usually I use ISO 100 or 200 to get detail picture. Smaller ISO mean more detail/sharp pictures

Always use live view.
When you see the picture using optical view, there will be no changes that makes by your camera, only the object itself. This the place you can manage the bright by changing the time and white balance.
Sample: If you change the white balance from 'auto mode' to 'cloudy mode', there will be no difference on your camera optical view.

Use remote
To avoid a shake in your camera when you push the button or you can use 2 sec shot. Every type of camera has specific remote.

Disable Image Stabilizer (IS) from your lens (if any)
It will stop lens trying to stabilize the image when you already have tripod on.

Good composition
This more art than a technique and I leave this point to you each to explore.
Good photographer has a great instinct and experience

Go Practice
You will got lot of experience and fun. So what you waiting for?

Welcome for any suggestion and correction :)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Just trying to access NetworkedBlog from Facebook ads on the left side and login with my fb account. Its interesting, I can find lots of good blogs and my fb friend's blog, and I can also register my blog on this community. Another features are; you can follow/be followed and give ratings.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Explore Nusantara

Today, 16 August 2011. Wandi Hardian, Aan Kasman and me was agreed to create a new website name This website used to explore the beauty of our beloved country, Indonesia. After a moment we have an idea, we going to find the domain name in and hosting to Amazon, all communication via Hangout in Google+ and webex

Monday, 8 August 2011

The Tenggerese

The Tenggerese are the descendants of the Majapahit princes. Their population of roughly 600,000 is centered in thirty villages in the isolated Tengger mountains (Mount Bromo) within the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in East-Central Java. Scattered communities of Tenggerese also exist in the Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Malang, and Lumajang districts of eastern Java. They are traditionally believed to be the descendants of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger (from:Wikipedia)


The Tenggerese
In front of Batok mountain

Madakadipura - Bromo Tengger Semeru

After finish with Bromo, we headed to Madakadipura waterfalls which located in Tengger foothill. As story told, this sacred place was where patih Gajahmada spent his rest of life for meditation. To reach this location, we have to go through the river and some footpath by walk, and at some points we have to cut through some water splash, but fortunately my NG bag has a plastic to cover my gear :)


For photography object, I believe this place could be an endless object, but honestly I'm lil bit disappointed since I didnt got a got nice pictures in this area. To capture all part of the waterfall, we need to take some pictures to make it as panorama picture or else use very wide lens. The form of the waterfalls is very unique, it consist of some waterfalls along end of the river.

Madakadipura Main Waterfall
The river itself comes from cascade water that fall from the rain forest above and ended near the main waterfalls. The main waterfall has more than 100 meter high with the green pond below.

Madakadipura Waterfalls
Madakadipura Main waterfalls

The map below are the summary path in our journey.

View Bromo Tengger Semeru in a larger map

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Savannah - Bromo Tengger Semeru

From the peak of Pananjakan, we proceed down to Savannah through a vast desert with the jeeps. Only 4-wheels drive can go trough this desert. The wind is unpredictable on this area, sometimes nothing you can see anything because of dust, but thanks God the sky was very clear when we arrived at Savannah.
Savana Bromo

Penanjakan - Bromo Tengger Semeru

In the early morning, we started at 5.00AM to Pananjakan2 and also most of all hotels tenants going to same destination to watch the great sunrise. We used 2 jeeps (hard top) to pick us until the foot hill of Pananjakan and continue by walk. The weather was very cold and fully of dust, make the breathe very heavy and hard to step up even its only for less than 500m.
When we arrived at the top, we saw the sky at east side was combined by red and blue, a sign the sun will appear in very soon. There were many people on the top, so we need to find a good spot to take a pictures.

Sunrise at Pananjakan2

From Pananjakan2, mount Batok, mount Bromo and mount Semeru are almost pararel, make a good combination. We was really amazed for what we saw,  no wonder why Lonely Planet stated Bromo as one of the  most beautiful mountain of the world, specially after the eruption. Thanks God, I have a chance to see your great work for a second time.

sunrise at pananjakan2
Batok, Bromo, Semeru - Before the Sun rise

When the sun rise
Batok, Bromo, Semeru - When the Sun rise

Batok, Bromo, Semeru - After the Sun rise
As one of active volcano, Bromo was erupted on January 2011 and tourists were advised no to come within radius 2 km from from active crater.

Pananjakan2 - Bromo
Cemorolawang Hills from Pananjakan2
Based on my experienced, there was not much time to capture the moment. So before the show begin, we have to be ready with composition, gear and spot. Actually I wanna still more longer on this area but we have to go back to the jeep and go to nest destination, Savana.


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