Friday, 18 November 2011

Burung Island - Belitung

Next destination is Burung (brid) island which takes only about 20 mins from Batu Berlayar island. An island with some coral range in the beach, and its really amazing. We went through the island and take some pictures.

Burung island beach
There are some unique form that made by the corals on this beach. One of them look like a big pond with the shallow green water. I took some times to enjoy the atmosphere :)

Me and bang Ito
But we didnt stay for much time here, maybe its only about 30 mins, then we have to continue to the next destination as bang Ito said that we need to stick on schedule in order to visit all islands on itinerary. I'm very disappointed as I dont have much time to get the best view and capture it, but just to watch this beautiful beach can make my feel calm :)
I see some birds with various size flying around this island, thats why it called Burung (bird), just remind me with another Burung island in Kepulauan Seribu. As bang Ito explained, this place is the some birds home and transit point, I didnt see the birds as many in Kepulauan seribu island, maybe they still busy in another place. Why the birds like this island?, same like in Kepulauan Seribu, but nobody can explain why the bird choose it. Hmm, I already visited 2 places of bird migration path.., syukurlah its really something.

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