Monday, 21 November 2011

Tanjung Kelayang - Belitung

After swimming and snorkling, we continue our trip to the last destination, Tanjung Kelayar island to capture the sunset. Bang Ito has chose this tiny island because the sunset view is very clear and wonderful. Its around 4.30PM when we arrived, so we have enough time to relax and chit chat.

Sunset at Babi Kecil island
Sunset at Tanjung Kelayar

I took the time to clean up my gears and decide the position. Almost all of us, stand in the huge granite waiting for the great show. When the sunset began, there the big cloud covered the sun, but it didnt decreased its beauty. The sun light formed some flair around the clouds.
On this very short moment, I'm very serious, dont wanna waste any minutes of the drama. Think fast about the compo and shoot much, shoot at will. And taraaa.., these the result, I'm not too satisfy but at least I was enjoy the sunset at Belitung :)

Sunrise at Tanjung Kelayang Beach
Sunset at Tanjung Kelayar

This island is side by side with burung island, maybe only around 200 meters, and..., I found many birds this time, yaa its around 6PM, same busy hours like in Jakarta, but unfortunatelly they fled to high, and its too dark to get them. As usual, I'm the last man standing since I keep pushing the combination of aperture, time and ISO to get the maximum view I can get.
Now its time go back to Tanjung Kelayar beach since the its began raining and the sky getting dark. Hmm what amazing day in Belitung :)

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