Thursday, 24 November 2011

Manggar Town

After sunrise at Tanjung Kelayang, we went back to hotel to check out and continue our trip visiting Mangar city, a town with a thousand coffee shop, thats what people said about Manggar, and yes.., there are many peoples on some coffee shop on the central of Manggar, maybe that is only entertainment on this small city or discuss the business and hobby. I drink the ice coffee with milk, its very nice. Beside its coffee, Belitung is rich with natural resources, like tin and iron.

Small Lake

The our reason to visit the east side of Belitung island was to see the elementary school used in Laskar Pelangi, a film tell about the lives of 10 poor children that attend to study in Muhammadiyah school. Its very interesting movie, thats why some of us insisted to visit the building even it should take 2hours in a very hot day :)
Finish with the old school building. Now its time to go back, we have to hurry to get lunch before go to airport. 

Laskar Pelangi School Building

Thats the end of my Belitung trip. Of course, its not the last one, I will be back someday, to explore more area on this island. It was just small part we visited on 3 days, and I heard from bang Ito that there are some beautiful place in south, some of them are never explore before. Hmm I wish I have time and money to explore it next time.
Thanks to mbak Vipia who arranged this trip, pak Sus, pak Deni, mas Ade, mas Adnan, Ade, Andhi, Eva, pak Wawan, pak Edi, Ariesta, Nirwan, Acang, and bang Ito, our friend in Belitung.

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