Friday, 16 December 2011

Sanur Beach - Bali

Just 3 days after Belitung, Bali is was my next destination, where there are memories of my childhood. Two great places within 1 week, thanks God :)
Its a job trip actually, but we managed the time so after everything done, we complete it with agenda to visit few of many amazing destination in Bali island.

After Sunrise
Sanur Beach

Our first destination was Sanur island, the calm beach between Denpasar and Kuta. Only Wandi, Bahrim and me going, while other still sleep in hotel at Kuta. It still dark when we arrived at Sanur, and also quite windy. Unfortunatelly, we could not get a sunrise since its too cloudy. We took some times there to explore the beach and capture the activity of local people with their traditional boats until we have to go back as the rain getting bigger.

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