Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Kintamani Mountain- Bali

After took a quick rest at hotel, we prepared to start our 2 days trip. Its only 5 of us (Wandi, Aceng, Darman, Herdiman and me) stayed in Bali while the other back to Jakarta. We started to go to mini market first to equip our travel with water, soft drink, coffee, chocolates, ice cream, gums, snacks, seems like preventing to not lack of snacks on our exploration. I felt amazing atmosphere that day.., yeahh its just like a rare moment that I have good time with my friends in the very famous island in the world!.
Its like an up and down to reach Kintamani area in my sleep, I woke up when we almost entering this area, its only about 2,5 hours from Kuta with car. A wonderful wide view welcome us on the gate area. Its like a huge caldera where the big mountain and blue lake side by side on it. Its totally a a great view.

Great wide view of kintamani
Great wide view of Kintamani
Its around 1PM when we arrived there, we went along the road for sightseeing and got lunch in a nice restaurant. The food is average but the view from restaurant's balcony was very beautiful. I take some pictures horizontally and merge it.

Kintamani is an active volcano (1.717m above the sea), and beside it, thereis a beautiful lake name Batur. The area is surrounded by captivating natural and some villages, and also there is unique species of dog from Kintamani. We took some times here to enjoy the view before going to explore Batur lake.

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