Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Batur Lake - Bali

Still in Kintamani area, our next destination was Batur lake which is still on this area.We crossed down the area which surrounded forest and mountain, where there are some nice hotels and villages in our way. This area is really serene and artistic. I'm very amaze with Balinese where the art, religion and culture is really seen as part of their daily live. There are so many artistic art things like pure (building for pray), gates and houses in our way, but we didnt have much time explore all of them.
In our way to Batur, there are some spots where some of them is facilitated for tourism, but we could'nt stop, its like there was a 'call to us to follow the road until its end.. Its quite stunning when kept moving in this small road, its up and down with stone on the right and cliff on the left. Its not covered by our GPS until at the end of this road, we found a Trunyan village. Some local people was gardening and fishing, they are friendly but sometimes I didnt understand what they talking about. They have chilly and cabbage on their garden grown at the edge of lake.

Batur Lake with Kintamani mountain
The view is very wide and open, I felt closer to the sun and clouds, and there are sun flair between the clouds when the sun still high. Serenity, this what we felt.
Picture above was merge from 3 pictures. After took some pics, we just sit together enjoy the beauty of panorama, with coffee and smoke, waiting the sunset.

Trunyan Valley
Trunyan Village
Its small mysterious village, not many people lives in Trunyan village. Trunyan people do not cremate or bury the dead body, but they lay down the body around the village. We didnt visit the dead body, its only hundreds meters actually, but we was too busy with the view. People said there is no stench as they use Kemenyan tree as the parfume of the dead body.

Sunset at Batur
Sunset at Batur
It almost dark when we went out Trunyan, not many people outside and we have to go back to Kuta. I wish I can go back to Kintamani again, I believe this area still keep many amazing thing to explore. I'm not too satisfy about what I captured on this exploration, but exploring this amazing area without any plan so far with my friends will not be forgotten.

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