Thursday, 24 November 2011

Manggar Town

After sunrise at Tanjung Kelayang, we went back to hotel to check out and continue our trip visiting Mangar city, a town with a thousand coffee shop, thats what people said about Manggar, and yes.., there are many peoples on some coffee shop on the central of Manggar, maybe that is only entertainment on this small city or discuss the business and hobby. I drink the ice coffee with milk, its very nice. Beside its coffee, Belitung is rich with natural resources, like tin and iron.

Small Lake

The our reason to visit the east side of Belitung island was to see the elementary school used in Laskar Pelangi, a film tell about the lives of 10 poor children that attend to study in Muhammadiyah school. Its very interesting movie, thats why some of us insisted to visit the building even it should take 2hours in a very hot day :)
Finish with the old school building. Now its time to go back, we have to hurry to get lunch before go to airport. 

Laskar Pelangi School Building

Thats the end of my Belitung trip. Of course, its not the last one, I will be back someday, to explore more area on this island. It was just small part we visited on 3 days, and I heard from bang Ito that there are some beautiful place in south, some of them are never explore before. Hmm I wish I have time and money to explore it next time.
Thanks to mbak Vipia who arranged this trip, pak Sus, pak Deni, mas Ade, mas Adnan, Ade, Andhi, Eva, pak Wawan, pak Edi, Ariesta, Nirwan, Acang, and bang Ito, our friend in Belitung.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sunrise at Selayar Beach

On the third day, our first trip was to capture the sunrise, it will not be completed if we didnt capture the sunrise after going that far, but the fact was its cloudy in the beginning.

Bird stone before sunrise
Bird stone

On the third day, our first trip was to capture the sunrise, it will not be completed if we didnt capture the sunrise after going that far, but the fact was its cloudy in the beginning.

Sunrise at Selayar

On the third day, our first trip was to capture the sunrise, it will not be completed if we didnt capture the sunrise after going that far, but the fact was its cloudy in the beginning.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Tanjung Kelayang - Belitung

After swimming and snorkling, we continue our trip to the last destination, Tanjung Kelayar island to capture the sunset. Bang Ito has chose this tiny island because the sunset view is very clear and wonderful. Its around 4.30PM when we arrived, so we have enough time to relax and chit chat.

Sunset at Babi Kecil island
Sunset at Tanjung Kelayar

I took the time to clean up my gears and decide the position. Almost all of us, stand in the huge granite waiting for the great show. When the sunset began, there the big cloud covered the sun, but it didnt decreased its beauty. The sun light formed some flair around the clouds.
On this very short moment, I'm very serious, dont wanna waste any minutes of the drama. Think fast about the compo and shoot much, shoot at will. And taraaa.., these the result, I'm not too satisfy but at least I was enjoy the sunset at Belitung :)

Sunrise at Tanjung Kelayang Beach
Sunset at Tanjung Kelayar

This island is side by side with burung island, maybe only around 200 meters, and..., I found many birds this time, yaa its around 6PM, same busy hours like in Jakarta, but unfortunatelly they fled to high, and its too dark to get them. As usual, I'm the last man standing since I keep pushing the combination of aperture, time and ISO to get the maximum view I can get.
Now its time go back to Tanjung Kelayar beach since the its began raining and the sky getting dark. Hmm what amazing day in Belitung :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lengkuwas Island - Belitung

After recharge the energy, we went to the fourth destination, Lengkuwas island, my favorite. Its easy to recognize this island since its has an old lighthouse build by Dutch on 1882. We found about 10 boats docked at the beach bring the tourists. There nobody lives here except the lighthouse guards. We went up to the top of lighthouse. Its quite high to go 19 floors, but you will not be dissapointed as you will founded amazing view up there, its so wonderful to tell and its a very rare chance for me to capture the aerial view.

Coral Beach
View from Lighthouse
In the peak of lighthouse, we go out to the terrace to get an open view. Hmm.., its quite scary standing in small terrace with strong wind up there. I keep leaning on the wall and tie up my tripod to the rail to strengthen my grip.
A moment, I founded my self keep standing enjoy this masterpice.., feel tranquil, amaze and how small I am. I wondering someday, I will bring the people I love next trip, so they can fell what I had been before :)

Lovely Bay
Love Bay
The love bay above is my favourite one, its look like small ponds decorated with coral, white sand, coconut trees and clear water, its so lovely. Its quite hard to capture the vertical view actually, but no worry.., I can bend my Manfrotto tripod to get it.
Its about 30 mins we stay on the peak until we were asked to go down as we need strict on schedule. Arrgh, 1 day to explore these beautiful island is surely not enough. I keep capture many picture as I can until I was the last person down the lighthouse.

Just want to stay one more day
Just want to say one more day
On the ground, I found the other has ready on the boats. We sailed only about 100 meter from the beach.., and its time for snorkling!. Its about 3 meters deep, and we can stand on corals at some spot. I cannot show you the picture since I dont have water-prove camera, but believe me the under water view is very amazing, a variety of fish colourful plants life here:)


Friday, 18 November 2011

Burung Island - Belitung

Next destination is Burung (brid) island which takes only about 20 mins from Batu Berlayar island. An island with some coral range in the beach, and its really amazing. We went through the island and take some pictures.

Burung island beach
There are some unique form that made by the corals on this beach. One of them look like a big pond with the shallow green water. I took some times to enjoy the atmosphere :)

Me and bang Ito
But we didnt stay for much time here, maybe its only about 30 mins, then we have to continue to the next destination as bang Ito said that we need to stick on schedule in order to visit all islands on itinerary. I'm very disappointed as I dont have much time to get the best view and capture it, but just to watch this beautiful beach can make my feel calm :)
I see some birds with various size flying around this island, thats why it called Burung (bird), just remind me with another Burung island in Kepulauan Seribu. As bang Ito explained, this place is the some birds home and transit point, I didnt see the birds as many in Kepulauan seribu island, maybe they still busy in another place. Why the birds like this island?, same like in Kepulauan Seribu, but nobody can explain why the bird choose it. Hmm, I already visited 2 places of bird migration path.., syukurlah its really something.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Babi Kecil Island - Belitung

Same like previous island, this island some combination of stack stone piles. The size look same with Burung island, but I saw there peoples lives in this island. After picking some cold soft drink, we walked to other side of beach where some huge stones piles stacked.

Stack Stone Piles on Babi Kecil Island

After took some pictures, its the time for lunch :) This island not only giving the great view, but also served the good food. Various fresh fish were the main menu for our lunch by local residents, the grilled-fish is my favourite, and also kankung and sambal of course. All look hungry and happy :D


I didnt took much pictures on this island, felt little bit tired after lunch, just sit and relax enjoying the view until  I fell disturbed when I found some garbage around the beach, not too many but its ruin my mood. Bang Ito said that there are some activities happened on this area to clean up the beach by environmentalist and local people, but the garbage still there after months. I cannot figure out why its happen on this amazing area..?, I think its a crime against nature!, sound very bad. I think its not fair if next generation cannot see this beautiful area.
After finish with lunch, some of us clean up the mess and didnt know where to be disposed arrgh. Ok..., first thing to do is to provide the trash can, the serious one, the good one, so its not easily damage and manage it.


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