Thursday, 17 November 2011

Babi Kecil Island - Belitung

Same like previous island, this island some combination of stack stone piles. The size look same with Burung island, but I saw there peoples lives in this island. After picking some cold soft drink, we walked to other side of beach where some huge stones piles stacked.

Stack Stone Piles on Babi Kecil Island

After took some pictures, its the time for lunch :) This island not only giving the great view, but also served the good food. Various fresh fish were the main menu for our lunch by local residents, the grilled-fish is my favourite, and also kankung and sambal of course. All look hungry and happy :D


I didnt took much pictures on this island, felt little bit tired after lunch, just sit and relax enjoying the view until  I fell disturbed when I found some garbage around the beach, not too many but its ruin my mood. Bang Ito said that there are some activities happened on this area to clean up the beach by environmentalist and local people, but the garbage still there after months. I cannot figure out why its happen on this amazing area..?, I think its a crime against nature!, sound very bad. I think its not fair if next generation cannot see this beautiful area.
After finish with lunch, some of us clean up the mess and didnt know where to be disposed arrgh. Ok..., first thing to do is to provide the trash can, the serious one, the good one, so its not easily damage and manage it.

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