Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lengkuwas Island - Belitung

After recharge the energy, we went to the fourth destination, Lengkuwas island, my favorite. Its easy to recognize this island since its has an old lighthouse build by Dutch on 1882. We found about 10 boats docked at the beach bring the tourists. There nobody lives here except the lighthouse guards. We went up to the top of lighthouse. Its quite high to go 19 floors, but you will not be dissapointed as you will founded amazing view up there, its so wonderful to tell and its a very rare chance for me to capture the aerial view.

Coral Beach
View from Lighthouse
In the peak of lighthouse, we go out to the terrace to get an open view. Hmm.., its quite scary standing in small terrace with strong wind up there. I keep leaning on the wall and tie up my tripod to the rail to strengthen my grip.
A moment, I founded my self keep standing enjoy this masterpice.., feel tranquil, amaze and how small I am. I wondering someday, I will bring the people I love next trip, so they can fell what I had been before :)

Lovely Bay
Love Bay
The love bay above is my favourite one, its look like small ponds decorated with coral, white sand, coconut trees and clear water, its so lovely. Its quite hard to capture the vertical view actually, but no worry.., I can bend my Manfrotto tripod to get it.
Its about 30 mins we stay on the peak until we were asked to go down as we need strict on schedule. Arrgh, 1 day to explore these beautiful island is surely not enough. I keep capture many picture as I can until I was the last person down the lighthouse.

Just want to stay one more day
Just want to say one more day
On the ground, I found the other has ready on the boats. We sailed only about 100 meter from the beach.., and its time for snorkling!. Its about 3 meters deep, and we can stand on corals at some spot. I cannot show you the picture since I dont have water-prove camera, but believe me the under water view is very amazing, a variety of fish colourful plants life here:)




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