Friday, 31 December 2010

Ujung Genteng

It takes about 3 hours from Sawarna village to Ujung Genteng beach. We arrived at 1AM and cannot found any motel, but lucky after pak Fitri talked to 'pak Ujang' motel staff, they allowed us to use their office to take a rest and their bathroom, and bout 4.30AM we started again the trip to catch the sunset at Ujung Genteng beach.

Around the beach, we saw some boats and fisherman back and forth, some fisherman would start to sail and some others just returned from the sea.

The 'go sailing' and 'beach boys' was taken by mbak Vipia when she tried my 550D before she buy one :D

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Selayar Beach - Sawarna Village

As planned, this trip was include Pelabuhan Ratu and it surrounding areas. Started at 7AM in Christmas day, we went directly to Pelabuhan Ratu city. It took more time than expected since we got
traffic jam at Cicurug village for more than 1 hour.
Pelabuhan Ratu
Pelabuhan Ratu

Fisherman dock - Pelabuhan Ratu
Pelabuhan Ratu dock
After refueled the gasoline and took a lunch at Saridona restaurant on Pelabuhan Ratu beach at 2PM, we continued our trip to Sawarna village, the gateway to Selayar beach.
The trip to Sawarna village takes about 50 mins with some road damaged from Pelabuhan Ratu. Having arrived on Sawarna village (3.30PM), we parked our cars and continue with ojek/motorcycle taxi (cost: Rp 20-25K/person, vise versa) to the beach.
Took around 5 mins to reach the Selayar beach by ojek, where we were greeted by 2 big corals taht look like the giant sailboat. Like the other beach on southern area, Selayar beach has amazing shape of coral and a very interesting object for photography.

Not only amazing coral, there are a many colourful creatures on the water which trapped on coral as apart of this beauty environment, and also we saw some people who were fishing. Trying to make a composition between the rock, ripple and cloud below, but the cloud is too white, the water so blue but the ripple movement not too clear.
Selayar Beach Surface
But at least I can capture how unique Selayar beach with hard waves and amazing giant coral.
Waves on the rock

After visiting some beaches, my dream is to capture the sunset with a good composition and colour. The most important thing is need to understand how the picture that can show you the story such as the interaction between rock and the ripple. When I took this picture, the sunset was not too bright. Its hard for me to get the composition between the sunset colour with rock and ripple. In fact, Need more experiences and equip my gear with filter and tripod, so then I can more focus to the drama.
Sunset - Sawarna Beach
Silence of Selayar
I cannot wait for our next trip next year, capturing the seascape and exploring the beauty of Indonesia with Sembrono team is always fun :)

Sunset catchers - Sawarna Beach
Sunset catchers

Friday, 24 December 2010

Arcadia Tower

These picture was taken from the roof of my office building, Arcadia tower.
East Side
West Side

Thursday, 23 December 2010


See any different on my blog?
Just browsed somebody's blog and founded the LinkWithin on it. Its a cool widget that appears under each post, linking to related stories from your blog archive.
Simple installation, not damage your blog's dezign and no need to sign up!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Jakarta Street Photography

This blog is created by my friend Aan Kasman, the street photographer.

Jakarta Street Photography is blog for the street photographers who have passion in capturing any outdoor activities such as  human interests, landscapes, life styles, commuters, coworkers in their daily activities.
This is a community blog base where allow to anybody to contribute by sharing their photos,stories or essays.

You can join this community by send your email address, contact detail with 1 portfolio or photowork to or by joining Facebook group @ or follow us on twitter @jakartastreet and Flickr group @
Please use the link or picture above for complete info and have a nice shot!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sembrono Team

We called our travelling team as Sembrono team, the word that usually used by pak Fitri when he saw something funny or careless in our trip.
This solid small team include as Fitri Yohanto, Wandi Hardian, Shinta Irawati, Anwar and me.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Busy Hours

Dont know where to go in busy 3in1 hours, so then I walked to crossing bridge and take a pictures

Thamrin street, Jakarta

Bale Gede

Next destination is Ujung Genteng, the unplanned one, and very ambitious destination from Kawah Putih. On this trip, we passed a amazing village called Bale Gede.

A village surrounded by cliffs and hundreds waterfalls. Its so nature, the water is cold and clean, rice fields with steps terrasering system, look so harmony and peace.

Strict to the first plan, we keep this village to our next exploration, so we didnt do much exploration on this area. But unfortunately, our goal to Ujung Genteng is still far away, after reaching Cidaun village at south coast, we take a lunch at 2PM, charged our gears and decide to back to Jakarta.
As summary, here the path we took. Its a long and tired trip in 25 hours, but it was wonderful and adventurous one.

View Travelling - Patengan, Kawah Putih in a larger map

Kawah Putih (white crater)

After visited Situ Patengan, we continued to Kawah Putih. The temperature reached 8C when we arrived. Fog is everywhere and limit our visibility.

This white crater was founded by Germany explorer, Junghuhn in early 1800.

Ticket Rp 150.000/car (14USD) and Rp 15000/person.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ciwidey - Situ Patengan

This trip was started at 2 am from Jakarta with Sembrono team and part of 3 destinations of our trip. I will continue write the other 2 trips in next post.

In the very early morning we are arrived at Situ Patenggang to get pray and breakfast. After that, we continoue to explore the tea plantation around this area. This tea plantation are owned by PTPN VIII, they processed the tea become tea beverages which known as Walini tea.

We met some of tea pickers get ready to work

Have a chat with the tea pickers, they started their day at 5.30 am in the morning and working as a group.

Their skilled hands plucked the tea leaves and put in basket on their backs. There are some categories of leaves, but in common only the young tea leaves are good to process for tea beverages.

Carpet of tea, half of the tree part are cut to get new branch and leaves every 12 years.

In our way to the next destination, we found an eye-catching spot where there is house with some small waterfalls.., and this purely natural!

We stopped on this area and talked with some peoples who are working to create pool for fishing. They asking for this picture.., hmm how to send it?, but no worry I will back to this area soon to get more captures, feel the energy, more explore and bring them a hard-copy

Hope I’m not forget.

Get Ready

Get ready before morning
#Kebayoran Lama traditional market, West jakarta


#Tunnel under Sudirman Street, Central Jakarta

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Tanjung Lesung 2

This my second trip to Tanjung Lesung, with my friends Wandi Hardian who always help me much in photography and Anwar. Like my first trip, its cloudy.

Fisherman village from the bridge in our way to Tanjung Lesung

Theatre 4
Playing with grad ND (gradutated neutral density) and CP (circular polarizer) filters.

Theatre 1
I still cannot captures the good moment in theater 1 since I was shockingly founded my bag was floating in this sea (and my 24-105mm was in there :S). Its definitely wet but its OK!!. That's the advantage of red label lenses which equips with a weather shield, and thanks GOD, its works :)

Leason learned: 
Never leave your ammo behind !!!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Tanjung Lesung

Together with some friends to Tanjung Lesung.

View Travelling - Tanjung Lesung in a larger map

Suzuki SX4 Crossroad
It takes about 5 hours before entering this wonderful area.

Theatre 2
Waves and rocks on theatre 2

Theatre 3
Amazing sunset on theatre 3. This is my second time I try to capture the sunset. With some suggestion and borrow the good filter from my friends. Its getting better :)
Where is theatre 1?, dont have much time to go there in our exploration, but we will be back.


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