Sunday, 5 December 2010

Tanjung Lesung 2

This my second trip to Tanjung Lesung, with my friends Wandi Hardian who always help me much in photography and Anwar. Like my first trip, its cloudy.

Fisherman village from the bridge in our way to Tanjung Lesung

Theatre 4
Playing with grad ND (gradutated neutral density) and CP (circular polarizer) filters.

Theatre 1
I still cannot captures the good moment in theater 1 since I was shockingly founded my bag was floating in this sea (and my 24-105mm was in there :S). Its definitely wet but its OK!!. That's the advantage of red label lenses which equips with a weather shield, and thanks GOD, its works :)

Leason learned: 
Never leave your ammo behind !!!

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