Friday, 31 December 2010

Ujung Genteng

It takes about 3 hours from Sawarna village to Ujung Genteng beach. We arrived at 1AM and cannot found any motel, but lucky after pak Fitri talked to 'pak Ujang' motel staff, they allowed us to use their office to take a rest and their bathroom, and bout 4.30AM we started again the trip to catch the sunset at Ujung Genteng beach.

Around the beach, we saw some boats and fisherman back and forth, some fisherman would start to sail and some others just returned from the sea.

The 'go sailing' and 'beach boys' was taken by mbak Vipia when she tried my 550D before she buy one :D


  1. uhuk..uhuk.. belum sempet2 mo ngibrit kesana...
    Loe gak ngajak2 gw siii... :D

  2. weekend ini ke pangandaran yuks Grid



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