Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Selayar Beach - Sawarna Village

As planned, this trip was include Pelabuhan Ratu and it surrounding areas. Started at 7AM in Christmas day, we went directly to Pelabuhan Ratu city. It took more time than expected since we got
traffic jam at Cicurug village for more than 1 hour.
Pelabuhan Ratu
Pelabuhan Ratu

Fisherman dock - Pelabuhan Ratu
Pelabuhan Ratu dock
After refueled the gasoline and took a lunch at Saridona restaurant on Pelabuhan Ratu beach at 2PM, we continued our trip to Sawarna village, the gateway to Selayar beach.
The trip to Sawarna village takes about 50 mins with some road damaged from Pelabuhan Ratu. Having arrived on Sawarna village (3.30PM), we parked our cars and continue with ojek/motorcycle taxi (cost: Rp 20-25K/person, vise versa) to the beach.
Took around 5 mins to reach the Selayar beach by ojek, where we were greeted by 2 big corals taht look like the giant sailboat. Like the other beach on southern area, Selayar beach has amazing shape of coral and a very interesting object for photography.

Not only amazing coral, there are a many colourful creatures on the water which trapped on coral as apart of this beauty environment, and also we saw some people who were fishing. Trying to make a composition between the rock, ripple and cloud below, but the cloud is too white, the water so blue but the ripple movement not too clear.
Selayar Beach Surface
But at least I can capture how unique Selayar beach with hard waves and amazing giant coral.
Waves on the rock

After visiting some beaches, my dream is to capture the sunset with a good composition and colour. The most important thing is need to understand how the picture that can show you the story such as the interaction between rock and the ripple. When I took this picture, the sunset was not too bright. Its hard for me to get the composition between the sunset colour with rock and ripple. In fact, Need more experiences and equip my gear with filter and tripod, so then I can more focus to the drama.
Sunset - Sawarna Beach
Silence of Selayar
I cannot wait for our next trip next year, capturing the seascape and exploring the beauty of Indonesia with Sembrono team is always fun :)

Sunset catchers - Sawarna Beach
Sunset catchers


  1. waa poto yg judulnya coral layer itu, ke-capture jg twister nya di kejauhan :D

  2. iya Shin., sayang photonya cuma satu itu yg ada twisternya



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