Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ciwidey - Situ Patengan

This trip was started at 2 am from Jakarta with Sembrono team and part of 3 destinations of our trip. I will continue write the other 2 trips in next post.

In the very early morning we are arrived at Situ Patenggang to get pray and breakfast. After that, we continoue to explore the tea plantation around this area. This tea plantation are owned by PTPN VIII, they processed the tea become tea beverages which known as Walini tea.

We met some of tea pickers get ready to work

Have a chat with the tea pickers, they started their day at 5.30 am in the morning and working as a group.

Their skilled hands plucked the tea leaves and put in basket on their backs. There are some categories of leaves, but in common only the young tea leaves are good to process for tea beverages.

Carpet of tea, half of the tree part are cut to get new branch and leaves every 12 years.

In our way to the next destination, we found an eye-catching spot where there is house with some small waterfalls.., and this purely natural!

We stopped on this area and talked with some peoples who are working to create pool for fishing. They asking for this picture.., hmm how to send it?, but no worry I will back to this area soon to get more captures, feel the energy, more explore and bring them a hard-copy

Hope I’m not forget.


  1. This place is where I live, very beautiful. I just wanted to tell you that tea can actually be picked every 12 days, instead of 12 years. Thanks


    1. yes its a very beautiful land, thanks for correction :)



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