Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sawarna 2

Ah.., at the end we can re-explore this beautiful beach. Still I remember when we visit it with a bigger gang :)
As arrived at Sawarna village, we took ojek to the beach. Kelayar beach with two high coral become primary attratcion. But its still around 4PM at that day, so we took some times to explore across the path belong to sea.

miss u
Good afternoon
As my view, the combination of light and clouds was nice. I tried some spots to get a better combination of rock and wave and add the contrast object to give more impression.

Hard and beatiful
As I saw the main business of local people there are to serve the tourist/photographer to explore this surrounding are. There are some small clean motel, we took the new one (next to bridge) near the main street to capture the sunrise on the next day. The motel has a very good service, we got 3 meals per day with delicious fresh fish and sambal as main menu, the bed and bath room is good, and also have nice welcomed by the motel owner.

The dark has come
Sunset at Batu Klayar

When the dark comes

Unlike our first visit which explore the east side to Ujung Genteng, this time.., after heard the story from local people at Sawarna we go ahead to the west, as they said that there are some nice beaches in Malimping.

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