Sunday, 25 December 2011

Jatiluwih - Bali

The desire to watch the best view of paddy terrace was lead us to put Jatiluwih in our agenda. No one of us know where is it, just depend on Darman's GPS. I think this tool is very helpful on our next explorations, make me thinking to buy one :)
The way to reach this area is awesome, we crossed the dense forest and hill until on this spot we can saw the following view.

Land of terasering
Jatiluwih is a village located in Tabanan, its about 3 hours from Kuta. The unique of this village is a paddy terrace that compound in the hills, its very neat and beautiful. The air around this village is cool because its located in hill. That's why this village is also favourite place for tourism.
I tried to captures many good pictures as I can, trying some composition and spots. But what I watched on that time is totally better that I can get or any other pictures in flickr. Yes, I think because its too beautiful to captured it. You have to go there to fell the real athmosphere.

Just you and me
On this area, we can explore it as much as we want, at least there are no disallow sign :D I'm not too sure about the relation between this paddy field, which is owned and managed by the farmers, and as tourism spot. But I hope that there are symbiosis mutuality between them, and the farmers are not disturb by tourist existence. Because its kinda funny if what the local people make in Jatiluwih was not for tourism. It just the way they farm :)

Jatiluwih restaurant

After tired exploring the paddy field, now we turn back to the small restaurant to get lunch continue with hot coffee and smoke. Wish I can stay here much longer.

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