Monday, 8 August 2011

Madakadipura - Bromo Tengger Semeru

After finish with Bromo, we headed to Madakadipura waterfalls which located in Tengger foothill. As story told, this sacred place was where patih Gajahmada spent his rest of life for meditation. To reach this location, we have to go through the river and some footpath by walk, and at some points we have to cut through some water splash, but fortunately my NG bag has a plastic to cover my gear :)


For photography object, I believe this place could be an endless object, but honestly I'm lil bit disappointed since I didnt got a got nice pictures in this area. To capture all part of the waterfall, we need to take some pictures to make it as panorama picture or else use very wide lens. The form of the waterfalls is very unique, it consist of some waterfalls along end of the river.

Madakadipura Main Waterfall
The river itself comes from cascade water that fall from the rain forest above and ended near the main waterfalls. The main waterfall has more than 100 meter high with the green pond below.

Madakadipura Waterfalls
Madakadipura Main waterfalls

The map below are the summary path in our journey.

View Bromo Tengger Semeru in a larger map

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