Saturday, 6 August 2011

Savannah - Bromo Tengger Semeru

From the peak of Pananjakan, we proceed down to Savannah through a vast desert with the jeeps. Only 4-wheels drive can go trough this desert. The wind is unpredictable on this area, sometimes nothing you can see anything because of dust, but thanks God the sky was very clear when we arrived at Savannah.
Savana Bromo

In my mind-map, this Savannah is located on the other side of caldera behind mount Bromo and Batok, where the other side is desert and full of dust. We stayed about two hours here to enjoy the view to take a pictures. All the pictures are clear here, no need much filter or tripod for slow shutter, you can use small aperture with short time since the sky was so bright and all parts of the nature show their beauty.


the team
In our way to go back to the lodge, the situation was very different, the wind blow very hard in the sea sand, some rotated wind was made on some spots, makes our visibility not too far.

Bromo desert
This the end of the journey of wander the beautiful Bromo, and I leave it with simply message to the wind..., I'll be back someday to celebrate this circle.


  1. mantaaap, akhirnya ke bromo jg. Udh ga batuk batuk ya gunungnya.

  2. masih om, belum sembuh bener tapi dikit2 aja hehe.



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