Saturday, 6 August 2011

Penanjakan - Bromo Tengger Semeru

In the early morning, we started at 5.00AM to Pananjakan2 and also most of all hotels tenants going to same destination to watch the great sunrise. We used 2 jeeps (hard top) to pick us until the foot hill of Pananjakan and continue by walk. The weather was very cold and fully of dust, make the breathe very heavy and hard to step up even its only for less than 500m.
When we arrived at the top, we saw the sky at east side was combined by red and blue, a sign the sun will appear in very soon. There were many people on the top, so we need to find a good spot to take a pictures.

Sunrise at Pananjakan2

From Pananjakan2, mount Batok, mount Bromo and mount Semeru are almost pararel, make a good combination. We was really amazed for what we saw,  no wonder why Lonely Planet stated Bromo as one of the  most beautiful mountain of the world, specially after the eruption. Thanks God, I have a chance to see your great work for a second time.

sunrise at pananjakan2
Batok, Bromo, Semeru - Before the Sun rise

When the sun rise
Batok, Bromo, Semeru - When the Sun rise

Batok, Bromo, Semeru - After the Sun rise
As one of active volcano, Bromo was erupted on January 2011 and tourists were advised no to come within radius 2 km from from active crater.

Pananjakan2 - Bromo
Cemorolawang Hills from Pananjakan2
Based on my experienced, there was not much time to capture the moment. So before the show begin, we have to be ready with composition, gear and spot. Actually I wanna still more longer on this area but we have to go back to the jeep and go to nest destination, Savana.

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