Monday, 10 October 2011

Sunset at Tanjung Pendam

At the end, the trip to the one of amazing destination in Indonesia become reality. The next 5 posts recite about our activities around Belitung island. With 13 friends, we started our trip on Friday noon. It takes only 50 mins to Hanandjoedin airport at Tanjung Pandan. From the map, Belitung island location is quite close, its upright of Jakarta.

Mie Belitung

As arrived in Belitung, we welcomed by bang Ito and his friend, very experience local guide that always explain every question with patient and humor. With no wasting time, he picked us up to taste the local cuisine, mie Belitung. Hmm, its yummy and its a very good start before we explore the city and watch the sunset on Tanjung Pendam beach, the most happening location in Tanjung Pandan.

Enjoy the sunset

Not too many people in Tanjung Pendam when we got there, but its look like good place for jalan-jalan sore or hanging with friends and family. Now its the the first time I stand my tripod to capture the moment as well as my friends do.

The beach here are very flat, the point of interest is only the sunset itself. The flair and light is nice, but the clouds was very thick, and again.. its too flat. I walked along the beach trying to find another interesting object until I founded the 2 big tress standing on the sea. Its amazing they can live there as if I'm not mistake its not a mangrove. There is some teory that told about why they can live there.., but for me its because he has friend.

Sunset at Tanjung Kelayang
Sunset at Tanjung Pendam

The sun has gone.., we then gathered to the meeting point and having some chit-chat. Holiday mood are really felt among us. After taking some pics of us, now the time to check-in at hotel, prepare ourself for tomorrow :)

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