Monday, 26 September 2011

Nini Hill - Pengalengan

Two weeks after Lebaran we went to Nini Hill, but this time with the ideas to capture the sunrise and take the moment where some tress lining between the tea plan. We arrived about 5AM after 3 hours trip from Jakarta.
The temperature is cold when sunrise, but it change to hot at 8AM. When the sun rise, colourful light reflection become my focus of interest. The line of reflection always become my favourites, where some colour combined into the mighty beautiful painting, and one more you can see fog covering some areas.

Sunrise at Bukit Nini
Sunrise at Nini Hill
On the marching trees, I cropped the picture to get focus on the drama. I like the line through the tress that lined up to welcome the sun. Good morning :)

Welcoming the Light
Marching Trees
Since the area is too wide, I took the view part by part horizontally and combined it using Photoshop CS5, and here it is.., my first panorama picture!, its adding my vocabulary in photography..., and sure its a nice way to face the limitation of my 24-105mm :)

Panorama Morning in BukitNini
Panorama Nini Hill
To be honest I'm not too sure where exactly is Nini Hill since I'm not behind the steer. But we no need to worry since Anwar always know where to go and explore the exciting areas :)

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