Saturday, 3 November 2012

Karang Bolong - Tanah Lot

It almost sunrise when we arrived at Karang Bolong after going through the jammed street in Denpasar. After browsing between Tanah Lot and Karang Bolong, I decided to stick my tripod in Karang Bolong beach. Its only about 100 meter from Karang Bolong to Tanah Lot.
Some pics was taken in there, some of them was using very long timers to take the picture of this beautiful landscape from above, Wandi guided the object with his flashlight, and I'm quite shocked with the result as I can capture the clear Karang Bolong rocks with stars on the background. I stand my tripod without any filter and took a pictures just base on my estimation since it was very dark.

Look at the sky
Karang Bolong at night

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