Sunday, 21 April 2013

Amazing Mawun (Lombok ep1.1)

This story telling my trip to Lombok, its my third times to visit Lombok actually but the first time to explore. After done with business things at 4AM on Monday, we headed to Mawun beach for sunrise, the amazing beach that known only by few travellers.
We got a little bit lost in the city, but then we can find the road to the north which its same way to the airport.
The sun has some half rised when we arrive at the Mawun area, suddenly I felt this beach is different.., Its like a fairyland!

Why should I..
Mawun Beach

Not wasting the time, we took our bag and tripod and go to the pendopo in front of the beach. Its a little bit rain at that time, I took quiet some times there as its a very best moment for me to feel the serenity companied by coffee and cigarettes :)

After the rain gone, the sun fully shining on beach, makes a warm reflection on the water. The beach shape is like the tiny bay which lined by two tiny hills on the edge. The water are shallow, green and very clear. A sexy lonely beach that I ever visit.

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