Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Curug Sawer - Gede Pangrango

After enjoy serenity on Situ Gunung, we move to Curug Sawer. Curug mean waterfall which integrate with natural beauty of surrounding environment. The way to Curug Sawer from Situ Gunung takes about 5 km and in some points cannot be reached by car. Some local offering to carry us using ojek motor. We go through the rocky road and continue with uphill narrow path (less than 1 meter). Its thrilling, as the left path is deep cliff. Two things in my mind, hold the motor tightly and ready to jump :D

Curug Sawer
When we arrived at curug Sawer, not many people there yet. I ordered hot coffee and prepare my gears, while Wandi discovered the river. Its really fresh and natural. We discovered some place to capture the place, but trust me the water is freezing :)

Curug Sawer
Same like Situ Gunung, there are some small villas around foot hills, and we founded some people with their family was having fun enjoying this natural environment. Hmm.. :)

Curug Sawer River
Now time to go back. After eat bala-bala as breakfast in small warung, we go back to car park with ojek motor. Still same ojek driver mas Waji and same crazy path. To go through this difficult path, mas Waji should push their motor bebek to climb on the rocky road. What an experience driver I think until I know that I was the first customer he ever has.. haaa :))

Ojek Point
One thing different with some places we visit before, this place is clean. I think because there are some trash-can distributed around this area and they are well managed. This place could consider as a sample for another public place to manage garbage. Its not about people behaviour, but how about managing the people.



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