Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Situ Cileunca - Pengalengan

As usual, we begin our travelling without much plan, start at 12PM with my buddy Wandi and Anwar from Jakarta and arrived at 3.30AM. Still in west java, Pengalengan area. Our first destination was situ cileunca, the place that build around 1917 by Dutch.

Simplicity Morning 

Wreck and lonely

The rise of light
Like any other reservoir in West Java, a fusion between stretch of water and clouds become a main attraction, but unfortunately its cloudy.

Nini Hill
After taking some capture in reservoir, we went to Nini hill, the hill that we founded at our browsing topic. Its look like the other tea plan in west-java, remind me to our trip to Situ Patengan.
Hmm.., wish someday I have beautiful backyard like this.

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