Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunda Kelapa Harbour

Together with my friends mbak Vipia, Ade and Bayu, we discovered Sunda Kelapa Harbour area this time, the place where Jakarta born. From the charter in front of the harbour, it stated that this harbour was build on 1527 where many foreign countries such as Arabian, China, Portuguese and Dutch come and go to trade.

When we captured the view, an old sailor (pak Uding) offered us his boat to get around the river and fisherman village, hmm why not?.

From the tiny boat, we can see the activity in this harbour more closer, its very interesting. All the boats was made from wood and max length not more than 30m, but they can survive on the sea. No wonder like their ancestor, they are a great sailor.

Surrounded by fisherman life, I tried to film the moment and it companied by the song that came from tape recorder with a big speaker on the small dock.

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